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10 Very Berlin Things to Do on a Budget | the Travel Whisper (d)

Ah Berlin... arm aber sexy and all that. We had trouble picking just 10 Berlin things to do on a budget. But we did it. And here they are.

Recorrido (d)

Multiplayer game development (d)

A compilation of good reads that i found about networking concepts for multiplayer game development. Topics such as client side prediction, latency compensation, and authoritative server.

Never ending Nujabes (d)

0:07 - Aruarian dance {(Nujabes+Fat jon) Samurai champloo} 4:19 - Feather 7:11 - mystline {(Nujabes+Fat jon) Samurai champloo} 12:01 - lady brown 15:19 - far fowls 19:43 - wind speaks {(Uyama Hiro

50 Amazing jQuery Plugins That You Should Start Using Right Now | Tutorialzine (d)

in this post, you will find a collection of 50 new and awesome jQuery plugins and JavaScript libraries that, when applied with good measure, can make your sites a joy to use.

The Curious Properties of Intuitive Web Pages by Jared M. Spool - An Event Apart Boston (d)

In this 60-minute video caught live at An Event Apart Boston 2012, Jared M. Spool discusses the surprisingly unintuitive logic behind the creation of "intuitive"…

An Event Apart News: Jared Spool Live: Anatomy of a Design Decision (d)

In this hour-long video, recorded live at An Event Apart San Diego 2010, Jared Spool explores the five styles of design decisions, showing you when gut instinct produces the right results, and when designers need to look to more user-focused research.

Zaz - Zaz [Full Album - Special Edition] (HQ) (d)

An amazing artist and album. Jouir! 1 - Les Passant - 00:00 2 - Je Veux - 03:33 3 - Le Long De La Route - 07:11 4 - La Fee - 10:37 5 - Trop Sensible - 13:29 6 - Prends Garde A Ta Langue - 17:29 7 - Ni Oui Ni Oui - 21:10 8 - Port Coton - 24:41 9 - J'Aime A Nouveau - 2

Piercing through WhatsApp'€™s encryption (d)

WhatsApp has been plagued by numerous issues in their security: easily stolen passwords, unencrypted messages and even a website that can change …